[PD] Re: Familiar + PDa on h5550: audio/hardware details

Rene Wagner reenoo at gmx.de
Mon Mar 21 19:05:27 CET 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-20 at 22:37, günter geiger wrote:
> > ALSA support is being worked on, someone announced working on TCL/TK
> > .bbs (.bb being the package description ("recipe") format used for OE)
> > on the OE list, too.
> >
> Thats good to know, I am distributing my own tcl/tk ipk, but they are
> a bit lacking (especially the font support, which I had to hack in order
> to keep the X server alive). I would be happy if someone would come up
> with better packages and I can remove those.

Well, actually I don't know what the status of the tcl/tk stuff is. So
far it's just a mailing list posting:


> > If anyone is interested in writing .bbs for PD, PDa or other audio/MIDI
> > apps (so that they will be part of future familiar and OpenZaurus
> > releases) I'll be happy to assist with that.
> >
> That would be great, I have the .bb files already.
> What does it need to contribute ?

Best send patches (or just the plain files for new packages) to the OE
list (oe at handhelds.org). Usually someone (in this particular case
probably me) will have a look at them, provide feedback as to what needs
to be done before they can go in, and finally check them in.

After several sane patches/package submissions contributors are usually
offered bk write access.

> And we would have to wait for tcl/tk, right ? 

As PDa depends on tcl/tk, probably yes.

> Will this happen soon ?

I'm afraid I don't know.

> You want my packages as a start ?

Sure. Whatever that other person comes up with can be merged later.

> > Unfortunately there is no comprehensive documentation available for
> > OpenEmbedded yet. There are however the bitbake manual and the OE wiki.
> >
> I figured it out by looking at other packages, don't know if I did it
> the right way :)

Excellent! Usually people don't like the "there are about 2000 examples
in the tree" argument ;)



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