[PD] FTM 1.4.1 for PD?

CK chris at lo-res.org
Tue Mar 22 00:35:19 CET 2005

I read:
> Has anyone been aware of its existence and did anyone managed

yes it was announced on the ex-jmax list, and caused some pretty
interesting replys from the pd community.

> to get it working within PD under any OS?

well they should first offer a source tarball instead of a .dmg,
then someone might actually look at it, and I personally don't
think I'd port stuff that will then depend on java for the gui
editor ...
> FTM is one of the more promising remnants left of the corpse
> what was once called jMax.

then again a night at the no drinks no smoking disco sounds more
promising than jmax ;)



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