[PD] UCSD undergraduate projects....

Tom Erbe tre at music.ucsd.edu
Tue Mar 22 00:52:48 CET 2005

I just finished teaching a 10 week undergraduate course introducing 
computer music (MUS171 - Computer Music I). The students chose to study 
PD this quarter (no doubt because Miller is teaching MUS172!).

For their final project, I asked them to model either a Moog Minimoog, 
ARP Odyssey, SCI Pro-One or OSC OSCar. I was pretty impressed by the 
results (even though no-one took on the OSCar), and thought I would 
share the best 2 with the list.

Matthew Bielich's Odyssey and Patrick Sanan's Minimoog are both on my 
blog: http://music.ucsd.edu/~tre


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