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Tue Mar 22 16:45:08 CET 2005

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005, derek holzer wrote:
> Hi Guenter.
> in this paper:
> http://gige.xdv.org/pda/ICMC2003.pdf
> you mention two "alternate" ways of controlling PDa: a serial connection
> to external controllers and gestural/handwriting recognition. I was
> wondering if you could provide a bit more information about the second
> (handwriting recognition) and perhaps some known implementations on the
> IPAQ of the former (serial input).


In order to interact with PDa using gesture recognition, you have to
install the xstroke program on the device (this should be part of
openembedded, and therefor of familiar and openzaurus).

For more information about xstroke see http://www.xstroke.org

You can define your own alphabet and therefore map different
gestures to keys. The keys are then recognized by using Pd's key object.

> I've been investigating GPS input via Bluetooth/serial connection, and
> Joel Ryan at STEIM says he used IPAQs a while ago as wireless relays for
> accelerometers attached to dancers (this was before they got into
> hacking wireless game controllers, a technique they have really
> perfected as of late!), so there's at least a couple of known
> implementations from my end.

For the serial input you can use the comport external. The rest should be
the same as on "normal" computers, that is you need a useful device
that delivers the data. I am not really a specialist in those, though,
but I would like to build a "key-jacket" for PDa, something similar
to the "dataegg" http://www.e2solutions.com/dataegg/index.html
for the left hand.



> best,
> derek
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