[PD] VASP future

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Tue Mar 22 22:56:29 CET 2005

I don't use VASP much, because of some of its shortcomings. If those 
(see below) could be fixed I would learn how to do back flips just so I 
could express how happy I would be.

Thomas Grill wrote:

> VASP. Do you use it for
> - simple array math/transformation?
> - medium complex things like analysis or synthesis?
> - complex work like algorithmic composition and the likes?
> - none of the above?
> - something completely different?
> Does it have to provide
> - real-time response (like for interaction with DSP processing)?
> - or not?
> Do you predominantly use
> - singular VASP objects?
> - groups/whole subpatchers of interacting VASP objects?
usually small bunches of 3-8 VASP objects. a few bigger abstractions
> I realized in my own work that it's very hard to express complex stuff 
> as PD graphs, and also VASP has the problem of needing to lock arrays 
> while working on them, which still isn't really implemented in PD (it is 
> in the devel branch, but the future of this isn't clear either).
> The question is now whether i abandon the current PD object 
> implementation of VASP and focus on the Python one, or think about a 
> side-by-side solution of both systems, probably reducing the 
> functionality of the current VASP implementation a bit. There's still 
> time to decide since the Python array implementation hasn't been 
> standardized yet....
> Let me know what you think and if you care at all.
> best greetings,
> Thomas
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