[PD] Re: [Vasp] VASP future

sven ml.sven at subscience.de
Wed Mar 23 00:52:42 CET 2005

hey thomas,
since i've discovered numpy i use vasp just to get audio into python (evil 
hack and lot's of overhead) to process it with numpy.
anything that's possible with vasp and much more is possible with numpy and 
numpy is really very optimised.
even if one is not a python programmer learning basic python and numpy 
shouldn't take much longer than learning how to use vasp.
and learning python is something you'll never regret anyway...
imho> if it was possible with pyext to get audio into python and back and 
if threading in pyext was more stable, there wouldn't be
much need for vasp (assumed that one is willing to learn basic python).
AND not to be forgotten, numpy is also great for imageprocessing...... . . 
. ! ! ! !! !! !!! !!!!!!!!!


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