[PD] FTM 1.4.1 for PD?

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Wed Mar 23 01:44:35 CET 2005

hi arie,

Am Mittwoch 23 März 2005 01:18 schrieb Arie van Schutterhoef:
> >Also, for jMax 2.5,
> -Talking about which;
>  I asked on IRCAM's score-following mailing list if I could have
>  a copy of their suiviaudio and suivimidi objects (version 1.3),
>  to run under jMax 2.5. It's an old version so I guess it
>  shouldn't matter that too much.
>  I still have to receive an answer...
> AvS

suivi, as well as gabor are only available to ircam forum members ....
that is, you pay $$$ to get a cd with it. same as it was with jmax before it 
become open source. many (all except jmax itself?) jmax stuff was always only 
trough the ircam forum .... at least in my experience, there is no chance to 
get your fingers on any of that other than paying for it, whatever you do.

see here :

also this should give a hint of the direction it is heading :

put that together with the statements on  
that read:
"FTM is a shared library for Max/MSP ......" and
"FTM is the basis of [..] libraries, such as the suivi [..] and the object 
sets Gabor and MnM"

so, you have a supposedly open-source extension to a closed source $$$ 
application, whereas that extension should act as basis for just anoter $$$ 

you might get your fingers on it, but you will never be able to use it freely.
lawsuits about "ideas and methods" or whatever are common nowdays, so one can 
easy burn its fingers with that, in my opinion.... so it may be better to not 
have seen it (if one wants still to be able to develop open-source stuff...)

whatever, depends on you, whish you luck ;-)



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