[PD] single vs dual vs 64

manolo cabezabolo mnl_kbzbl at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 04:11:10 CET 2005


i've using pd+gem for a while and i see my linux box
using 99% cpu forever ;) ... and never working with rt
cause it hangs my machine,

it's time to buy a new computer, and my cuestion is
about the pros and contras of diferent architectures

AMD 3000+ can be, but i think it's not much better
than my 1800 ... 

another is AMD 3000+ 64bits, all is working optimized
for 64 bits in linux+pd ? i mean it's really a good
choice? much more than 32 bits?

and the last, but so expensive ;), is dual AMD
Opteron, i supose here is the best for my ... but
really it offers the results that i must to pay?

mmm.... thanks.

sorry if i ask something repeated and boring ...


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