[PD] VASP future

dmotd dmotd at gmx.net
Wed Mar 23 04:56:50 CET 2005

hi thomas, 

  thanks for your work, and bringing future vasp direction to the
  forum, and yes, i care!

  1> usage:

   vasp is a critical addition to most of my pd compositions these
   days, i use it essentially for sample based analysis
   (zero-crossings, peaks, density, etc) and minor editing and
   transformations of arrays (normalize, crop, pitch shift,
   enveloping, etc). 

   i generally have subpatches of analytical vasp objects for each
   array, which operate on soundfiler action or transformation change,
   and output the results as lists, which i use for algorythmic
   sequencing, and interpolation information (ie. morphs)
   the transformation objects are maninly used for multipurpose sample
   editing, however i do generally normalize samples on array
   change. i find being able to tweak and edit samples non-rt within
   pd is an absolute luxury, and although pd has issues with lengthy
   arrays, and is missing some graphical objects that would make
   editing simpler (i'm working on it), i think this an important
   extention to pd's rt focus.

  2> real-time response
   i prefer vasp as a background processor, so i'm not concerned by
   real-time responsiveness, however this may change if i begin to use
   vasp differently.

  3> object structure 

   i like the current multi-object aproach of vasp and have found it
   intuitive on learning (the documentation is great, thanks) as it
   gently mirrors pd's rt object model. i'm not sure how you plan to
   implement the python model, so i don't think i'd be prepared to
   make a comment on which is better. certainly the multi-object model
   works more seamlessly into the pd programming logic, although it
   may not be the most efficient way of expressing non-rt events. i
   think perhaps if i could express vasp routines in a single
   scriptlet, i would use it that way, but i still believe that for
   vasp to be intuitive to new users in pd it needs singular objects.

   so, could you please outline your ideas for the python based vasp
   so that i can better understand how the app would function. 

  hmm.. i think that sorta sums me up!



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