[PD] VASP future

CK chris at lo-res.org
Wed Mar 23 13:40:43 CET 2005

hi thomas,

I read:
> numarray extension of the py/pyext external (CVS version), which allows 
> to work with PD arrays in Python. I consider this the future of VASP 

actually I find this an execellent idea, and it would open all sorts of
other possibilities (think pyGSL, csound style GEN routines etc...)

> Realizing there are still a number of daily downloads although i haven't 
> touched VASP for quite a while now let's me ask you about your usage of 
> VASP. Do you use it for

well, if VASP should significantly change it wouldn't break much of my
existing patches, those could still be simply converted to VASp_OLD 
with a tiny perl/sed/tr/py script

> - simple array math/transformation?


> - medium complex things like analysis or synthesis?

yes (though rather simple synthesis mostly)

> - complex work like algorithmic composition and the likes?

nope / not yet, (I find supercollider more expressive for such things)

> - something completely different?

yes but not interesting enough to bother 

> Does it have to provide
> - real-time response (like for interaction with DSP processing)?

since I always thought it was nrt I virtuously used it that way
but it would of course be nice to have this feature.

> Do you predominantly use
> - singular VASP objects?


> - groups/whole subpatchers of interacting VASP objects?


> Let me know what you think and if you care at all.

we care baby :)



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