[PD] best linux system for using Pd just now

ordi ordi at fredvoisin.com
Wed Mar 23 01:49:50 CET 2005

Just because by many other aspect, the ubuntu disto is much more easy to
instal, even with a mac.
I do know ubuntu is an unstable disto on debian, and hoary an unstable
ubuntu. In a other hand, wifi config. with airpot was not a trivial
problem to fix on mac. It's (quite) fixed with hoary.
So, I had sound but no wifi: I have now wifi and no sound.
May I wish both together before 6 months ?
If I'm following you're way, since I began with a NeXT 10 years ago, I
should continu to play sound with FTS on NeXTStep: it stills run and was
already OSX like ! Just a little bit more heavy.

Frederic Voisin

On mer, 2005-03-23 at 00:09 +0100, Arie van Schutterhoef wrote:
> >pd WAS working (fine) on my powerbook G3 @ 400 MHz (pismo), with a Debian
> -So why changing it in the first place...
>  Another victim of the technology upgrade rat-race?
>  '...upgrade now, or you are doomed not to be modern...'

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