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B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Mar 23 21:07:30 CET 2005

Hi Frank,

This is a really great idea. A pdb of PD projects could be a really
interesting research tool and help biginers.

Actually I've always been asked in my PD classes to bring up some
examples projects, but it has always been difficult to find them.

I think having everything in one place would be great to attract new
users who are having trouble imagining what PD is good for, and would
have a much futher reach than we can with PD workshops.

The "especially impressive" part is a little tricky, and tends to point
to some kind of juryed collection of works. This could work, but I would
think a flat group of peices would be the most accessible. Maybe some
kind of pure-data.org voting for projects, or a project of the month
being singled out on the front page could be nice... It would be really
great to see what other people are doing. I guess a visual, audio and
installation (could be both visual and audio or just kinetic) catagory
would make sense?

I'm quite fond of Johannes's ANN project.. thought the documentation
could be a little better! I'm constantly putting new stuff on my own
web-space... (www.ekran.org/ben) everything since 2003 is PD mostely
visual performance as of late. Also a few chaps in my University did a
very nice peice using an emmersive projection using Gem "Autum in the
forest of time" but there seems to have never been a website made!

"Step and Repeat" was a nice simple thing in pd/Gem with the help of the
AID group. nice example of sensors with PD.

I guess one big issue is that projects tend not to get documented very
well. So to all the PDers out there document your projects!!!

Would this live on pure-data.info or?


Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm considering if it would be useful to add a kind of presentation
> area to pd.org, where (especially impressive) projects done with Pd
> can be collected.  Background is: Pd *is* used in a lot of projects,
> but there is no central place where someone interested can see
> examples of work done with Pd and short project descriptions.
> Pd often is used invisibly, which might give the false impression,
> that it's not used at all. Instead some more Pd Public Relations would
> be very useful for various reasons.
> There already are some links to projects on pd.org, e.g. to Ben's
> Oracle, but I think, having something like this more visible would
> benefit the whole "Pd scene".
> What do you think? How should we handle this? And do you already have
> some ideas for projects to be added there?
> For starters here's my mini list done while browsing my bookmarks:
> Robot Rock Band:
> http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~wsack/robotrockband/
> Various stuff from la-kitchen.fr (which of these are done with Pd?)
> IEM: Speaking Pd piano
> http://iem.at/services/presse/hoerfest/view
> Le Placard
> http://placard95.dokidoki.fr/
> Ciao
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