[PD] "Done with Pd"-PR for puredata.org

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Mar 23 22:27:00 CET 2005

B. Bogart hat gesagt: // B. Bogart wrote:

> Actually I've always been asked in my PD classes to bring up some
> examples projects, but it has always been difficult to find them.
> I think having everything in one place would be great to attract new
> users who are having trouble imagining what PD is good for, and would
> have a much futher reach than we can with PD workshops.

This is exactly what I mean. Another motivation could be: if you're in
the Workshop business, a collection of examples of what was done with
Pd and it possible with it is very helpful to convince organizations
to do a Pd workshop. 

> The "especially impressive" part is a little tricky, and tends to point
> to some kind of juryed collection of works. 

Well, very true. However I think, such a project DB should not include
smaller works like "I did a recording with pd, download it here:

Or maybe it should include something like this, too, but the larger
projects or works should be up front, IMO.

> This could work, but I would think a flat group of peices would be
> the most accessible. Maybe some kind of pure-data.org voting for
> projects, or a project of the month being singled out on the front
> page could be nice... It would be really great to see what other
> people are doing. I guess a visual, audio and installation (could be
> both visual and audio or just kinetic) catagory would make sense?

Hey, yeah: Ratings done by voting would be a good idea. Only pd.org
members then are allowed to rate a project. Probably there already is
a Plone module for something like this. [x] needs investigation. 

> I'm quite fond of Johannes's ANN project.. thought the documentation
> could be a little better! 

I remember something, remember something, ... but no, I forgot: What
is ANN again?

> I guess one big issue is that projects tend not to get documented very
> well. So to all the PDers out there document your projects!!!
> Would this live on pure-data.info or?

Yes, I think, such a list should be on pd.info/pd.org 

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