[PD] VASP future

dmotd dmotd at gmx.net
Thu Mar 24 00:38:14 CET 2005

sven wrote:
> scriplets, that's exactly what you would do in python.
> that hasn't much to do with vasp anymore.
> pyext would be the bridge between pd and python, the logic
> and computation is beeing done in python using numarray then.
> check http://stsdas.stsci.edu/numarray/Doc/ for numarray docs
> sven. 

  yes i see, as i thought, thanks for the docs! i am a little
  concerned that vasp would be merged into pyext, not because python
  is a bad idea, but simply because losing the high-level
  object/abstraction approach could lose users with it.. after all
  there must be good reason why some pd users prefer pd's structure to
  say supercollider/csound.. 

  this is of course not to say that bridging languages with pd is a
  bad idea, there are obvious advantages to doing so. however i think
  is is bad practice to expect new users, especially those without
  previous programming experience, to learn a new language/syntax on
  top of learning pd, not to mention the added dependencies that this

  as i said in my previous post, non-rt processing to me is a critical
  addition to the rt focus of pd, i'm not sure that others would agree
  with me, or if vasp is even known to new users (it rarely gets a
  mention on pd-list) but i think it would be sad to lose the imediacy
  of the concept behind the facade of pyext, which to me suggests
  something else, albeit potentially the same or greater.

  anyhow, i hope i haven't missed the point or wandered too OT.. 



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