[PD] install GEM osx 10.3.8

Wesley Smith wesley_hoke at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 24 06:13:35 CET 2005


I'm sure this has come up before, but I couldn't find any info.  I'm trying 
to write a UNIX script to load the gem library when I startup PD.  I have 
the following line in my script:

/Applications/Pd-0.38-2.app/Contents/MacOS/Pd -lib 

where the Gem.pd_darwing is the 
/Applications/Pd-0.38-2.app/Contents/Resources/extra/ directory.  I have 
also added /Applications/Pd-0.38-2.app/Contents/Resources/bin to my 
environment PATH variable.  Yet, Gem isn't loading on startup when I run the 
shell script.  Does anyone know what I might be forgetting?


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