[PD] "Done with Pd"-PR for puredata.org

vade doktorp at mac.com
Thu Mar 24 18:39:49 CET 2005

The PD workshop that we are doing in NYC in April will be documented 
(from my understanding), have its samples put online (patches, mp3s 
and, possibly video, if we can manage).

The share website has some of this functionality (but it is 'event' 
centric, not project centric). Ie multimedia uploading, metadata 
parsing, comments. etc. One of the requests for the website is to make 
a project area for it.. but we dont have worked out all of the 
functionality this would have. Im working on the CMS with Hunter 
universities grad program, and am adding some cool features (the 
ability to mail /sms to the website media from an event, and have it 
associated in the DB, and shown on the event pages gallery, etc).

Are there any specific features that are lacking in common CMS systems 
when used for artists/projects like PD? Im attempting to make this CMS 
easy to use for artists groups to post events like workshops, 
performances etc, with galleries, licensed media as attachments, 
patches, news items, etc.

Eventually the shareCMS will be released GPLed once its a bit more 
flushed out and the featureset is all pimped out.

Let me know, as im curious what people expect in a CMS... it might give 
me some good ideas on how to integrate the functionality.

On Mar 24, 2005, at 10:54 AM, B. Bogart wrote:

> Comments inline...
> Frank Barknecht wrote:
>> This is exactly what I mean. Another motivation could be: if you're in
>> the Workshop business, a collection of examples of what was done with
>> Pd and it possible with it is very helpful to convince organizations
>> to do a Pd workshop.
> Great idea this would certainly be a good selling point for workshops.
>> Well, very true. However I think, such a project DB should not include
>> smaller works like "I did a recording with pd, download it here:
>> http://footils.org/some.ogg"
>> Or maybe it should include something like this, too, but the larger
>> projects or works should be up front, IMO.
> I understand your rational now. Anything that exists in the PD
> documentation should probably not be in there!
>> Hey, yeah: Ratings done by voting would be a good idea. Only pd.org
>> members then are allowed to rate a project. Probably there already is
>> a Plone module for something like this. [x] needs investigation.
> Gets rid of the Jury problem and adds another level of community
> togetherness.
>> I remember something, remember something, ... but no, I forgot: What
>> is ANN again?
> Johannes, I can't find my link for this project, what was it called? 
> The
> one that you used the artificial nerual network trained by the life's
> work of a composer?
> The "project of the day" could just be a random grab from the top 10 of
> the voting list of projects.
> B.

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