[PD] 0.38.4 devel: glitchy sound / load_object: Symbol "" not found

patrick puredata at 11h11.com
Thu Mar 24 20:12:59 CET 2005

hi tim,

> for the glitchy sound: which audio api are you using?

jack, in realtime mode, pd running with -rt too (root).

>>load_object: Symbol "plugin_tilde_setup" not found
>>plugin~: can't load library
> i heard reports on this, you can help me to track this down:
> - which libraries are you using (could you post your .pdrc)?

it's really a big .pdrc (included).

> - are you really running the correct pd binary? it's in ./src not in ./bin
> (or do a make install)

there's no pd executable in pd/src. only in pd/bin.

> thanks ... tim
thanks to you,
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