[PD] GEM : How to create vertex dynamically? / drawing 3D lines?

Georges Babouche infopapier at yahoo.com.sg
Fri Mar 25 13:43:22 CET 2005


I would like to be able to draw lines
in a 3D space with a Wacom pen tablet,
and I cannot find any solution for creating
the vertex.

I had managed to do that with Jitter
quite simply with the sketch object
and commands "moveto" "lineto".

But it seems that there is no way to 
dynamically add new vertex and link them to
get a line (bezier or even a simple).

I thought I could it with VertexArrays
but the function handling pointers
are not (?) accessible in GEM.
Example :
glEnableClientState(GLenum array)
 is instanciated correctly but
glVertexPointer(GLint size, (...),  const GLvoid
is not.

If this is actually implemented, are there
any reference guide for how one should type
the names and command?
Something like GLdefine for pointers?

I guess dynamically instanciating new
[GEMglVertex3f] objects every time I get
a message from the tablet is not the solution.
(Well, I hope too ;-)

The operation seems quite common though...
I guess that some people must have done
similar stuff, if the GEMtablet exists...
Did I miss a sooooo simple function/command?
Are there any objects/patchs already doin this?
Any patch repository for GEM could be nice...

Last: since I would like to be able to deform
these lines after drawing them, maybe
my solution is not the best... (and sure isn't
at the present time)

Thanks for any helpful advice!
(still RTFM and STFW for now)

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