[PD] loadbang in dynamic abstractions

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Fri Mar 25 18:23:24 CET 2005

hi tom

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From: "Thomas Ouellet Fredericks" <iamonthebeach at gmail.com>
> When you create an abstraction dynamically, it does not get a
> Is there an object that sends a similar "loadbang"  when the
> abstraction is created dynamically?

afaik there isn't any similar object to [loadbang].

> I know I can send the abstraction a "loadbang"  message, but I would
> like it to be automatic.

what do you mean by automatic? when you use the event of creating your
[abs] also for sending it a [; pd-abs.pd loadbang(-msg, wouldn't be that
i didn't find a 'nicer' solution yet. if you create more than one [abs]
dynamically, you need to give them sort of an ID as an argument in order
to avoid banging them all every time you create a new one (if that would
be a problem).
i admit this is not quite elegant.
once there was a discussion in the list about if there should be
loadbang for dynamically created abs or not, but suddenly i forgot the
advantages of the way it is now. but there are some, i think.....  :-)

> Other question : does closebang work? If so, how?

once i had this question too. afair, miller puckette said that he might
would implement that in a later version of pd, but i'm not quite sure
anymore about that.

> Tom

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