[PD] loadbang in dynamic abstractions

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Fri Mar 25 20:08:31 CET 2005

please forgive my stubborness.........
can you send me an example? i'm just wondering, because i once did a
patch with dynamically created abs, in which other abs were created
dynamically .. and so on, and it worked all fine (with several messages,
also doing something like:

[t b b f]
|      |       \
|     [repeat 0]
|      |
|     [; pd-patch.pd obj 10 10 myabs(
[; pd-myabs.pd loadbang(

works fine on my machine, altough it takes a few miliseconds to create
all [myabs], but all [myabs] get a loadbang. i never experienced yet
that pd does NOT keep execution order because of the time it takes to
build the gui or dsp-chain or whatever. but obviously i did not try


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From: "B. Bogart" <ben at ekran.org>

> *cough*
> I unfortunatly found many issues with things not happening in the
> correct time. Well that is to say when you dynamically create an array
> of objects the time between the message being send and the object
> actually being ready to receive messages is not 0ms. I can't remember
> the delay I needed, but indeed some abstractions would not get the
> message if I sent it immediatly after the message to create the last
> abstraction. This is on OSX, which has had some GUI issues in the
> could be related.
> Oh and this is also because I'm not creating my whole dynamic patch
> one message, but multiple messages. (This is because I'm creating one
> abstraction for each file in a directory)Also the number of files is
> indeterminant so I can't create one message to do it all...

> I guess the best way to test if the last object is done would be to
> it send a message "I'm done!" to the parent patch and then we know all
> the abstractions are ready... Maybe I'll do this...
> Back to replacing my TOTs with PYs.
> b>
> Roman Haefeli wrote:
> > hi ben
> >
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "B. Bogart" <ben at ekran.org>
> >
>>>Hey Tom,
>>>If you look at pt.layerfx in pixelTANGO I'm sending a bang to all
>>>dynamic abstractions after all the creation messages have been sent
>> and
>>>an additional (arbitrary) delay. It seems to work...
>> are you sure, that a delay is necessary? in my experience, the
>> determinisme of pd is absolutely reliable. i mean, when i use a [t b
>> and i use the first 'bang' to create the whole patch and the second
>> the send the 'loadbang' it works perfectly.
>> afaik, pd rather drops the audio-processing for while than dropping a
>> message. at least i experienced that if i create big patches
>> dynamically, i get audio drop-outs.
>>>It would be damn handy to have tcl/tk report when a dynamic patch has
>>>finished building.
>> in case i am right, this wouldn't be necessary anymore... or would
>> cheers
>> roman

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