[PD] $1, message objects and pdsend

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 26 17:17:20 CET 2005


my first thought was to use [any2list] (or [a2l]) from zexy, which makes
lists out of anythings (a list beginning with a symbol, but not list).
suddenly you mentioned to use only pd native obj, but i couldn't figure
out how to do this with pd natives only.


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Subject: [PD] $1, message objects and pdsend

> This is my first post but I've been lurking on the list for a while -
> and learnt lots - thanks for all the work on pd and the lively
> discussions.
> When using $1, $2 etc in a message object the behaviour is odd: if a
> float is the first element of a list then it is used as $1 - all the
> examples I can find in the docs show lists of floats only. If a symbol
> is first it is ignored and the second symbol is used for $1.
> I assume this is so the first symbol can be special eg: 'set' and to
> fit with the general pattern of arguments, lists etc. but it would be
> nice to add a couple of symbol list examples to the help file to
> illustrate this difference - maybe from the attached patch.
> My problem is that I am making an subpatch to include in lots of my
> patches so I can stop pd rendering or quit from another machine if it
> gets overloaded while running GEM, and so I can easily run patches
> -nogui. I want to do it with standard pd so it is as portable as
> possible. The way I've set it up I want to send messages to various
> receive objects but I'm stuck trying to add 'list' to the head of a
> text from netreceive without using external libraries - see my patch.
> There is also a consistent crash: when pdsend has been connected, then
> the patch containing netreceive is closed and reopened, and then
> sends some more messages.
> This is on OSX 10.3.8, Pd version 0.38 TEST13, GEM 0.90 and on Pd
> version 0.37.0. The terminal reports 'Bus error'. I've included bits
> the console reports in case they is any use.
> When the pd side works smoothly I'll make a simple OSX wrapper for
> pdsend with buttons and a text box so it is very easy to use. Also a
> few sliders so I can share the patches that rely on running nogui and
> that I control with midi hardware. For now I can just type an extra
> word in the terminal each time I want to do a send, and wait till the
> patch is open before launching pdsend
> Thanks,
> Simon Wise

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