[PD] controlling robots/printers w/ PD

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That website has a beginning kit that is already set up to run w/ Max/MSP. is there a way to grab the info from the patch and use it in PD? this would probably be the best bet to start things out on.

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On Sat, 26 Mar 2005, B. Bogart wrote:

> One programs the BASIC stamp in BASIC, hence the name. No assembler
> required.

My impression of BASICstamp's BASIC is that it's damn close to assembly
language. The use of the name "BASIC" is more marketing than anything
else. It's there to attract a generation of artists who are learning how
to code and solder in a fit of DYI-ness and are the right age to have
tried BASIC as a kid in a way that makes them nostalgic about it.

Is there even a Linux interface for uploading to the BASICstamp ? I think
I recall it's Windows-only.

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