[PD] multi-colored arrays inside one table || zoomable tables ?

andy graybeal graybeal at frognet.net
Mon Mar 28 20:39:49 CEST 2005

i'm wondering if it is possible to have multiply colored arrays inside 
of one table.  i recently got the hang of having multiple arrays in one 
table, and i'm wondering if i can have each array with seperate colors.  
i would like to have for instance, an audio sample inside the table, and 
have it be blue, then i could have another array overtop of that and 
have that array be orange, and it would conceivably represent an 
envelope that could control anything,say amplitude, and then another 
array on top of that would represent my panning envelope..and on and 
on.. until i had so many colors (arrays that represented envelopes) that 
i ended up being confused ;)

also, i have been trying to make a nice eq interface, and for the 
seperate poles on the eq, it would be nice to have those represented as 
different colors inside one table.  i'm sure others can think of other 

random afterthought, different colors inside an array itself?  (though i 
have no application as of yet for this.. but maybe someone else would)


another question.. i'd like to resize the width and the height of tables 
on the fly (conceivably with sliders??).. i know i can right click on a 
table and go to properties and change the width and height inside of 
there, and then click 'ok' and then my table resizes.  this is tedious 
and cumbersome.  it would be nice to have each width and height have 
it's own control (slider??) and as well as have either of those "locked" 
to each other as to keep the same 'aspect ratio'.   in essence giving 
the effect of a 'zoomable' table.  please note that i'm not talking 
about resizing the array data or the graph bounds, but i don't see why 
it would hurt to have the same type of control on these parameters as well.
i might just be lazy here, but i would find it helpful, and slick too 
;)   cause all ya'all know is i jus' wanna impress the grrls !!!

shouts to #dataflow on freenode...


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