[PD] path for gem help file (simple-basic question)

ciccolix ciccolix at tiscalinet.it
Tue Mar 29 09:24:34 CEST 2005

Hi all,
after much time I have decided to upgrade (in some linux computers) PD 
to version 0.38-4.
At the same time I have decided to begin to know GEM, I have compiled 
Gem and Gem-lib from CVS (on slackware 10,1) without problems, thanks to 
GEM maintainer !
I have decided to leave all in the sources folders in these positions:

Copying the content of the "help" folder of Gem in the "5.reference" 
folder of PD the right-mouse-button on the gem object work fine.

The question:
how I can hold in different position the help-files of gem from those of pd?

Apologize for the simple-basic question

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