[PD] pdp/ffmpeg

dafydd hughes dafydd.hughes at rogers.com
Tue Mar 29 17:33:29 CEST 2005

Hi Folks

My fist crack at pdp - so far so good with some Quicktime playback, but 
I find that I can't play most Quicktime files - I get an error telling 
me that the codec isn't supported.  JPEG codec works fime (anim-1.mov 
from the Gem docs) but I haven't found another QT file that works.  Is 
there a good place to look for such files?  Right now I just want to try 
and get this thing running...

Part two:  from the pdp_capture help patch, pdp_ffmpeg~ won't create.  
Is there anything I need to do outside pd here?  I've got the Debian 
packages for pdp and have tried ffmpeg both from the packages and from CVS.

I expect I'm missing something basic here, but I've looked and looked 
and found nothing.  If there's a good site or resource I can check out, 
please just point me there.


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