[PD] GEM : How to create vertex dynamically? / drawing 3D lines?

cyrille cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Tue Mar 29 18:21:55 CEST 2005


B. Bogart wrote:
> Hi Georges.
> Gem has not been often used for "drawing" Until vertex arrays (still not
> released) all objects were static primatives with some control. I have a
> couple of ideas. You can look at the "curve" object that simply creates
> a spline curve of up to 5 control points. I guess you could have to use
> a bunch of these and overlap them by two points to make sure they are
> smooth.
i'm afraid it's not simple to make this curve object to overlap.

> This could be problematic though. Also you could try using
> curve3d. curve3d is a 3d surface (matrix) of control points. You could
> make the matrix very wide and not very tall 2x100 or 1x100 points.
Chris already point out that this will be very slow.

> Then
> you would have up to 100 control points to use for drawing, but these
> are there to start with, you cannot add points as you go. Maybe this
> would be a feature for curve3d? the ability to add points on the fly?
the problem is that the curve draw by curve3d will change if a single 
point is add. only 1st and last point are really part of the curve, 
other point are just "attraction" points.

> Maybe the "curve" object could be modified to allow more points, but
> each point has an inlet so the way you use it would have to change...
in fact, curve and curve3d are drawing a bezier curve.
i think making a new object for spline curve could be a good idea.

to try to answer the original question : why don't you try to record the 
pointer postion in 3 differents array (x, y and z), and using a lot of 
small line (with [curve 2]) to draw the entire curve?
([repeat] is GEM best friend)


> I've CCed the gem developers to see if they have any ideas.
> b>
> Georges Babouche wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> I couldn't find anyone answering my question
>> on the list...  (sob!) Given the traffic these days,
>> I can see various reason for this...
>> 1- Nobody understood what I meant
>> 2- Nobody ever had this problem
>> 3- Noobody ever solved this problem within PD
>> 4- My mail just got drowned in friday's mail rush
>> 5-The question is too hard and nobody wanted
>>     to waste time answering this.
>> 6-The question is too easy and nobody wanted
>>     to waste time answering this.
>> 7- other?
>> still searching ... waiting for a kind GEM/OpenGL guru
>> to help me find sleep again
>> many thanks!
>> vinc (eyes wide shot)
>> --- Georges Babouche <infopapier at yahoo.com.sg> wrote:
>>> Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 20:43:22 +0800 (CST)
>>> From: Georges Babouche <infopapier at yahoo.com.sg>
>>> Subject: GEM : How to create vertex dynamically? /
>>> drawing 3D lines?
>>> To: pd-list at iem.at
>>> Hi,
>>> I would like to be able to draw lines
>>> in a 3D space with a Wacom pen tablet,
>>> and I cannot find any solution for creating
>>> the vertex.
>>> I had managed to do that with Jitter
>>> quite simply with the sketch object
>>> and commands "moveto" "lineto".
>>> But it seems that there is no way to
>>> dynamically add new vertex and link them to
>>> get a line (bezier or even a simple).
>>> I thought I could it with VertexArrays
>>> but the function handling pointers
>>> are not (?) accessible in GEM.
>>> Example :
>>> glEnableClientState(GLenum array)
>>> is instanciated correctly but
>>> glVertexPointer(GLint size, (...),  const GLvoid
>>> *pointer);
>>> is not.
>>> If this is actually implemented, are there
>>> any reference guide for how one should type
>>> the names and command?
>>> Something like GLdefine for pointers?
>>> I guess dynamically instanciating new
>>> [GEMglVertex3f] objects every time I get
>>> a message from the tablet is not the solution.
>>> (Well, I hope too ;-)
>>> The operation seems quite common though...
>>> I guess that some people must have done
>>> similar stuff, if the GEMtablet exists...
>>> Did I miss a sooooo simple function/command?
>>> Are there any objects/patchs already doin this?
>>> Any patch repository for GEM could be nice...
>>> Last: since I would like to be able to deform
>>> these lines after drawing them, maybe
>>> my solution is not the best... (and sure isn't
>>> at the present time)
>>> Thanks for any helpful advice!
>>> Vincent
>>> (still RTFM and STFW for now)
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