[PD] Win 2000 pix_video

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 29 20:20:20 CEST 2005

Hi Ian,

I've been working with pix_video on Win2k, and it
worked quite well in general. However, I found that
capturing from a DV source in full resolution
(720x576) didn't leave a lot of CPU cycles for other
purposes on my box (P4, 2.6gig) - lowering the
capturing resolution might help in your case, too. If
you don't have an adequate utility for your matrox
capture card, you might want to try amcap.exe or
graphedit to change the settings of the WDM video
capture filter.
It seems like the mac code for grabbing pixes is a lot
more optimized: someone stated recently that handling
hd video (1080i) posed no problem on recent macs ...

Another hint would be upgrading DirectX and/or the
capture drivers on that machine. I couldn't manage to
get GEM to render any textures with the version of
directx that shipped with win2k on my laptop.

Hope this helps (although I'm merely stating the

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