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derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Mar 29 23:37:44 CEST 2005

Hi Rene,

Glad to see you're still hanging around here, and thx for the 
clarifications. I got the impression that Open Embedded was very 
Gentoo-like in my research, but I'm still learning this stuff like a lot 
of us here. A question, then: how well does Familiar support Debian ARM 
binaries in practice? You mentioned in an earlier mail on the PDa topic 
that cross-compatibility was maintained for Familiar, but not for Open 
Zaurus, but I haven't found much mention anywhere (on Handhelds.org or 
Familiar list) of using Debian packages on Familiar. Just how much of a 
mess does this make?


Rene Wagner wrote:

> You are confusing "GUI environment", distribution, and build
> system here. 
> - Opie and GPE are "GUI environments". They provide the user
>   interface to the system.
> - Familiar is a distribution. Familiar provides you with pre-built
>   images you can flash onto your handheld and numerous packages
>   to install later.
> - OpenEmbedded is the build system that's used to build Familar (and
>   Openzaurus and ...). It's basically a set of tools and package 
>   description files that allow you to build a distribution (i.e. a
>   set of packages and images) from scratch (including the toolchain
>   and everything cross compilation related).

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