[PD] OT: Open source sequencer

John Harrison harrison at media.mit.edu
Wed Mar 30 16:36:01 CEST 2005

I am a PD newbie...I'm open to using pipe, xeq, or qlist for my 
sequencing. Because of my lack of experience with these, perhaps, it 
appears to me like I'd actually have to build the front end to the 
sequencer...and/or I would be without the editing features of a 
commercial sequencer (at least in any kind of convenient and 
time-efficient package.) It would make my day to be wrong about this. 
Are there any front end MIDI sequencers for PD already built on the 
engines you mention that I could take a look at?

I checked out Jazz before I posted. It doesn't look promising outside of 
Linux at this time, but I will look further. The current development 
(since 2000) is at http://jazzplusplus.sourceforge.net/

Thanks in advance for the guidance.


ix at replic.net wrote:

>On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 12:23:14AM -0500, John Harrison wrote:
>>a bit off topic...but this seems like a group that would know:
>>What is out there in terms of a cross-platform open-source MIDI 
>>sequencer along the lines of Cakewalk/SONAR or Digital Performer? 
>>Barring cross-platform, what are the recommended open-source sequencers 
>>for win32 and OS X?
>there are basically a lot of commercial closed/source apps that exist on Mac+Win, but not linux, and a lot of open source that exist only on linux with maybe a shabby mac port, but very few win+linux apps, besidse PD (which makes a great sequencer, using [pipe], data-structures or [xeq]) but to answer your question:
>only one i have heard of is JAZZ -> http://www.jazzware.com
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