[PD] pd-datastruct newbie :-)

federico xaero at inwind.it
Wed Mar 30 21:17:36 CEST 2005

i'm going to learn data structures. (really i already spent some days 
looking into the tutorials)
in particular i am interested in arrays, since my (first) goal is to 
realize a multipoint envelope editor/generator.

if you look at the attached patch, i realized a template for array 
container (arr) and one for array point (node).

now i have some questions:
1) although the template for node has only x/y vars, (in the data 
window) i get the resize handle too.... but i haven't supplied a 'w' 
field in 'node'. why? my intention was: to connect these x/y points by a 
fixed width line.
2) after placing the array, i use [setsize] to set num. of elements in 
it. but the container doesn't grows horizontally, so it is painful have 
10 points, all in the same x/y coordinate.
3) it is possible to set a constraint on a specific field? (i.e.: i do 
not want the x value of a point to be negative.)



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