[PD] pd-datastruct newbie :-)

federico xaero at inwind.it
Wed Mar 30 22:25:12 CEST 2005

Frank Barknecht ha scritto:

>You have some error in your use of [filledpolygon]: The argument count
>is wrong. I replaced them both with [drawpolygon] and then the width
>error went away. It's strange, that Pd reacts like this to a wrong
>usage of [filledpolygon], though.
uh?!? however it was a luky strike!
generally, pd likes to crash when i make some error with 
template/data-structures ;-)

>>2) after placing the array, i use [setsize] to set num. of elements in 
>>it. but the container doesn't grows horizontally, so it is painful have 
>>10 points, all in the same x/y coordinate.
>That's because you are using array elements that have a field "float
>x", so [plot] will take the x-spacing from the "node.x" value. This
>equals 0 after creation so all elements will be at x=0 (or rather at
>the point, where you start to [plot] which is not 0 in your example
>but 100).  Attached patch shows one possible way to set the array
>element's x-values after creation.
right. i was thinking something like...
thanks for showing me a solution :)

>>3) it is possible to set a constraint on a specific field? (i.e.: i do 
>>not want the x value of a point to be negative.)
>Not that I know. One neat trick could be to use the [mousefilter]
>external to catch mouse-up events and then check all values and reset
>them if needed. 
thanks for the trick ;) i used MouseState external, part of 
Cyclone/miXed (you can see it in the attached patch, how i realized 
non-negative x clipping, and negative y clipping.)

i was wondering about a funny thing: when you move points with mouse, 
the array has a linked-list behavior (moving a dot to the right, also 
moves the other dots on its right in the same direction).
on the opposite, using [set <struct> <field>] seems to bypass that 
behavior and act like a normal vector (you move *a single* dot) (again 
look at the patch, do_clip routine, i had to increment x clipping by 2 
units, to avoid that boring problem of having 2 dots on the same x/y 

why this difference?


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