[PD] pd-datastruct newbie :-)

Alexandre Quessy listes at sourcelibre.com
Thu Mar 31 11:00:10 CEST 2005

Just in case it could be usefull to understand better the data 
structures. Here is a little patch oy my own.

Download the 3 files and try premiere.pd

Pure Dada rocks...
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sigint echelon sugar grove virginia sabana seca puerto rico waihopai 
new zealand comsat intelsat interception wideband extraction aluminium 
potassium sulphate signal analysis filtering data processing 
nitroglycerin facsimile analysis nitrogen trichloride traffic analysis 
phenol keyword recognition text retrieval topic analysis ammonium 
hydroxide continuous speech recognition distillate diesel naphthalene 
red nitric acid ammonium nitrate machine-transcribed speech

Le 05-03-30, à 15:38, federico a écrit :

> again, i forgot to attach the patch :)
> get it here:
> http://xaero.ath.cx/cms/data/pd/dstruct-fixed-2.pd

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