[PD] tables/graphs and how does RRADical get it's stuff to line up inside the tables?

andy graybeal graybeal at frognet.net
Thu Mar 31 21:00:28 CEST 2005

i've just recently started trying to make my things look like RRADical 
patches, where everything is inside a table, the interface is right 
there to use, and it's very neat!  and i like it very much.

so when i go to make my very own table with buncha_cool_stuff_inside, i 
sheepishly made my canvas and started putting cool_stuff on top of the 
canvas only to find out when i closed the table... everything was 
unusably smooshed together.  all my sliders and number boxes were on top 
of each other and indecipherable.  i started moving things around inside 
the table to make it look nice when the table was closed, and i can get 
things to where i want them when my table is closed, but it's dreadful 
looking when i open my table.  my canvas is in the upper left, the 
sliders are in the middle and my numbox's are off to the far right.

i can't figure out how to get the 1-to-1 relationship inside the table, 
as outside the table.  please help explain my faulting here.


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