[PD] PDA suggestions

Rene Wagner reenoo at gmx.de
Thu Mar 31 23:12:48 CEST 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-29 at 23:37 +0200, derek holzer wrote:
> A question, then: how well does Familiar support Debian ARM 
> binaries in practice? You mentioned in an earlier mail on the PDa topic 
> that cross-compatibility was maintained for Familiar, but not for Open 
> Zaurus, but I haven't found much mention anywhere (on Handhelds.org or 
> Familiar list) of using Debian packages on Familiar. Just how much of a 
> mess does this make?

The issue is twofold:
- First of all Familiar does indeed retain binary compatibility with
  Debian/ARM for now. So, you can take a binary from a Debian/ARM
  package and run it on a Familiar system. However, that is not strictly
  guaranteed to work. Libraries may have been built with different
  compile time options which other applications in either Debian or
  Familiar rely on.
- Secondly you probably want to install .debs directly. I don't think
  ipkg support apt repositories but I have been told you can download
  a .deb manually and install it with ipkg.
  Dependencies may or may not match, so you may need a --force-depends
  or similar.

It all depends on which package you want to install. Give it a try -


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