[PD] tables/graphs and how does RRADical get it's stuff to line up inside the tables?

andy graybeal graybeal at frognet.net
Fri Apr 1 07:44:10 CEST 2005

>You don't need any table for making cool looking graph on parent
>patches. My tutorial is a bit too short and just deals with lineing up
>elements in the most simple way, but it expects some prior knowledge
>about graph on parent. For a really good introduction to graph on
>parent in general I recommend Chun Lee's GOP howto: 
rock on, i'm reading it now.. i guess it's still hazy, i'm gonna work 
with it a bit more.

>Additionally I would recommend to always use a background [cnv]
>because then you don't need to check the *.pd file's text source to
>find the width/height dimensions to use for resizing the patch in the
>parent patch. Instead you can just look at the [cnv] object's
>Properties dialog to see the width/height of the GOP patch.
i keep forgetting that there are lots of tidbits inside the actual .pd 
file if i would read it with a text editor,  but i haven't transvexed my 
way there yet, so your info is one for the memory banks.

aight, thanks for the link to that gop helpme.

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