[PD] GEM : How to create vertex dynamically? / drawing 3D lines?

Georges Babouche infopapier at yahoo.com.sg
Fri Apr 1 16:23:36 CEST 2005

Thanks for your help Ben, and Cyrille!

Cyrille wrote :
> in fact, curve and curve3d are drawing a bezier
> curve.
> i think making a new object for spline curve could
> be a good idea.

sure it is.
Ben's idea to have another [curve] object, where
you are not obliged to statically define the number
of points you want is even better to me.
> to try to answer the original question : why don't
> you try to record the 
> pointer postion in 3 differents array (x, y and z),
> and using a lot of 
> small line (with [curve 2]) to draw the entire
> curve?
> ([repeat] is GEM best friend)

maybe it is just UGLY to instanciate 4000
[curve] objects to draw something that
*only* needs 2000 points to look nice/smooth?
no? or I miss something?

To Yves Degoyon: 
don't you have any piece of code from your
pdp "freehand drawing" object that could be ported
to GEM? ....pleeeeaaaaase!... :-)


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