[PD] Request for Submissions: Interface Archive

Mike Wozniewski mike at ozmediasolutions.com
Sun Apr 3 02:14:57 CEST 2005

This is not really a submission, but you may want to look at
http://www.igmusic.org/. There are huge bibliographies, and many many
weblinks regarding virtual instrument design, interfaces for control of 
music, sensors, etc.


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> Hi all-
> (Forgive the cross-postings; forward if you'd like...)
> I'm throwing out a request to address something I find missing on the
> Internet, which is the answer to "what do we stare at all day (and
> night) long?"  Working in media, it seems we spent a good deal of our
> time building ways to expressively control machines, or working with
> open-ended software environments, or abusing the control metaphors of
> shrink-wrap applications.  But there isn't any place to go to get a
> sense of the range of current interface building activity for media.
> Much of what can be found is dispersed, and categorically coalesces
> around "finshed products" or simple tutorial examples.
> I'm asking that you send me documentation of your user-interfaces so
> that I can build a publicly accessible archive to address this lack.
> Submissions will be accepted and published without aesthetic judgement.
> In fact, I'm hoping that the "one-off" interfaces so easy to produce
> now, the abandoned works, or the messes that you don't have the energy
> to clean up will find their way to me.  These are the kinds of artifacts
> that will be hopelessly lost to future generations. :(  Your images can
> depict working, non-working or imaginary ways to expressively control
> time-based and interactive media.
> You must be the author of your submission.  It must be your expression.
> You must have created it somehow.  I'm aware that data-bending is often
> the mis-use of non-authored work, but perhaps the benders will have some
> ideas about how to get their activities across.  Coders and command-line
> types will have these issues as well.
> Please send me your screen-shots, digital photos of hardware, scans of
> pencil sketches, or whatever, along with your name, email address and
> (hopefully) a brief description of what your submission(s) is/are about.
> I will publish everything I receive.  I will likely, although I don't
> have any pre-conceptions, establish some (potentially changing) means of
> categorizing the submissions in order to faciltitate access to what I
> hope will be a large body of work.
> In sending in your submission, you retain all copyrights to your work.
> You are giving me non-exclusive permission to display your submission on
> my web-site <www.propheticdesire.com> for non-commercial, archival
> purposes.
> Your email address will be displayed in some manner not easily
> harvested.  Submissions will be dated by the date they are received.
> Please send your submissions to: <gui at propheticdesire.com>
> As I will be traveling the first part of May, realistically it will be
> the end of May before submmissions begin to be published.  As this will
> be an on-going effort, there are no deadlines or limits on the number of
> submissions.
> Thanks for your attention, and hopefully we can create a unique view of
> creative computer-based media authorship.
> Best,
> Charles Turner (Tad) (vze26m98) (vatic)
> <vze26m98 at optonline.net>
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