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Mon Apr 4 11:58:24 CEST 2005

On Sun, 3 Apr 2005, Tim Blechmann wrote:
> i was using a simple gem patch without any midi on one machine (well, on
> 24 identical ones) and on another machine a patch containing a
> netreceive and py.

Ok, I am going to try it with a simple Gem patch then. I had pd running
over the night and couldn't see any problems (MEM usage stayed at 0.8 %).

> so basically, i wasn't using _any_ midi ...

This doesn't matter if the memory leak occurs in the midi_poll routine.
This routine is called just in case there is some MIDI coming in. Its even
called with audio off.

As the poll routine allocates and deallocates memory regularily and it is
called very often it is very vulnerable to memory corruption on the heap
from other parts. This means if some other thread overwrites the info in
the object allocated by snd_midi_event_new (zeroing out for example),
then you could have a memory leak in snd_midi_event_new, although the
problem was caused by memory corruption in another part of the system.

Also it is very common that memory corruption goes undetected if the
system is compiled slighlty differently (just causing other bugs then).

Well, anyhow, just a guess, I will continue in my trials to reproduce.



> one installation was based on a knoppix hd install, the other one on
> ubuntu.
> cheers ... tim
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