attachments in the archive: (was Re: [PD] [FIR~] , [equalizer] and [biquad~] ... can i make [equalizer] and [biquad~] act like [FI)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at
Mon Apr 4 16:08:15 CEST 2005

Bernhard Neugebauer wrote:
> oh I hate this kind of Webmail
> I'll put the file filterplot_biquad.pd in here as text, so that one can
> get it by pd-list archives, too. (or is there an easy way to convert the
> I04gY2FudmFzIDE3IDAgMTE1MCA3OTQgMTI7DQojWCBv stuff to a nice pd patch?)

yes of course there is an easy way to do so,
since the weird alphanumerical lists are just base64 encodings of 
original attachment.

one method is to use "base64-decode"

btw, this is even documented in the pd-list archives (as people have 
already asked, how to get the attachments out of the archive)

> sorry for mailing twice
actually asking how to get the 
I04gY2FudmFzIDE3IDAgMTE1MCA3OTQgMTI7DQojWCBv into a nice pd-patch 
instead of sending it 2 times would have been better.

btw, after the migration to the new Mailman which should be done by the 
end of this week (or rather: within the next 2 days) attachments will be 
downloadable via ordinary links. (this is: "click and get")

like in


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