[PD] a pdp/midi problem

Tom Dunstan tdunstan at fastmail.fm
Tue Apr 5 06:06:48 CEST 2005

hello crew.
for some reason my pdp(linux) doesn't seem to want to work with my midi
interface. when i start up pd i can use midi stuff fine and its all
good. then as soon as i start running a pdp patch, it goes all funny and
stops working. from then on in i cannot start pd to use midi again until
a complete reboot.

another problem.

i have been experimenting with pdp for a bit now and i like it alot.
however, when i try and run some audio along side it, it goes all chunky
and messed up. so click the pdp threading option and the visuals go all
messed up.

can someone tell me if i can send a message to the pdp_xv to tell it
fullscreen onto TV output, ie without borders and proper resolution etc.
r is that entirely an XF86Config thing

of course, this may be becase i have and old pdp that i got as a .deb
from http://sindominio.net/~caedes/debian/

if there are any suggestions i would be greatful.
  Tom Dunstan
  tdunstan at fastmail.fm

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