[PD] a pdp/midi problem

aym3ric aym3ric at goto10.org
Wed Apr 6 03:35:21 CEST 2005


> i have been experimenting with pdp for a bit now and i like it alot.
> however, when i try and run some audio along side it, it goes all
> chunky
> and messed up. so click the pdp threading option and the visuals go
> all
> messed up.

well i guess you can't ask pdp and pd too much at the same time
be carefull to not waste too much ressources in your patch or run pdp
with highresolution frames.
running pd in -rt may help, but cleaning and optimising is the only way.

> and...
> can someone tell me if i can send a message to the pdp_xv to tell it
> fullscreen onto TV output, ie without borders and proper resolution
> etc.
> r is that entirely an XF86Config thing

you can achieve that by cheating a bit
configure your card in dual mode with STV as second monitor
and drag the window there.
a decoration-less window manager can be also nice (ratpoison, evilwm...)

good luck


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