[PD] newbie-qustion: putting a canvas in the background?

Lutz Scheulen lutz.scheulen at t-online.de
Wed Apr 6 09:45:35 CEST 2005

Hi list,

I have a patch with some gui-objects wich I want to 'visually' group
together by putting canvases behind them; e.g. put a red canvas behind
the vcf-section, a green canvas behind the vco-section - something like
the old analog Roland synths (jupiter 6, 8...).
Here's my problem:
If I create the canvas after(!) creating the gui-objects it will allways 
be on top of them (covering them).
Is there any 'layer'-funktionality like in graphics-apps, or any message
which I can send to it to put it to the background?


p.s.: I'm on debian sid, pd 0.38.4

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