[PD] Filtering HID data under Linux

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Wed Apr 6 23:39:40 CEST 2005

hi jamie,

Am Mittwoch 06 April 2005 23:07 schrieb Jamie Bullock:
> Dear list,
> Does anyone know of a way to filter HID data under Linux so that it can
> be received by PD, but not by the X server? Is there a way to get the
> server to ignore data from a specific HID number? I am using a Wacom
> Volito tablet with PD, but of course it keeps control of the cursor.
> FC3/2.6.10, X11R6.8.2.

what is you xf86 config for the input stuff ?
basically, just removing the "sendcoreevents" option should be enough.
but, if you use something like /dev/input/mice for your general (i.e. actually 
used for x) mouse, it may be neccesarry to give your mouse the real device in 
the input section (because tablets can alsi act as "mice" too, 
and /dev/input/mice combines _all_ such devices into one single device)

> Thanks.
> Jamie

hope that helped,


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