AW: [PD] reading soundfile into gem

B. Bogart ben at
Wed Apr 6 23:41:56 CEST 2005

You can create a curved shape using "curve" in Gem, and you could make
your own patch that uses the audio data to generate this curve. I don't
know how to do that, perhaps other people have made Gem waveform
representations of signals? Could be useful.

If no one else has done this its up to you to create a patch that does.


geadsch wrote:
> hello again!
>>ummm what is it called pix_sig2pix~ yeah thats it.
> unfortunately pix_sig2pix~ doesnt quite what i want.
> i dont want to visualise an audio signal in realtime but rather read a
> sample (waveform) into a picture (or a buffer) in order to display it via
> gem. basically in the same way as [soundfiler] reads a sample into an array.
> i use a sample instrument. what i want to achieve is that everytime i load a
> new sample that its waveform is displayed via gem.
> i hope u understand what i want to do..
> thank you,
> geadsch
> geadsch wrote:
>>>is there a possibility to read a soundfile into gem?
>>>(maybe similar to reading a soundfile into a table with [soundfiler])
>>>so that i could for example use the visual representation of the sound as
>>>the background of my gem window..
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