[PD] Questions from newbie

CK chris at lo-res.org
Thu Apr 7 17:00:45 CEST 2005

I read:
> Apart from the on-line documentation and help files, have there
> been any books published about PD?


the max/msp manual/tutorials you can find online should also apply to
a large extent, (http://www.cycling74.com/products/dldoc.html)

a couple of years ago I read Winkler's book 
just because I snapped it up relatively cheap in england - but I was 
rather disappointed.

Then there are several classic texts on sythesis that are pretty good:

Roads, The Computer Music Tutorial
(don't take this with you when travelling ;)
Roads, Microsound
(If you happen to be into granular synthesis)
Dodge/Jerse, Computer Music
(a rather compact review of computer music techniques)
Moore, Elements of Computer Music 
(if you want to know what's going on behind the mirror, I found
 it excellent, but a little background in music and programming 
 wont hurt)



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