[PD] devel_0_38: jack & configure

patrick puredata at 11h11.com
Thu Apr 7 20:04:43 CEST 2005

Tim Blechmann wrote:

> - the configure script of the autobuild system should work on all linux


> - the glitchy sounds with jack should be fixed now ...

i have the glitchy sounds with jack. i'm running jackd -R -d alsa -p 128
-r 48000 & pd -rt -jack -audiobuf 128.

but in Media / Audio settings / dacblocksize is 64. i cannot change it?
should i run jack in 64, cause i think pure data have a blocksize of 64
by default. so maybe i will save some cpu or have less glitch? not sure...

note that delay (msec) is 128 in Audio settings.


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