[PD] theora streaming howto AGAIN

Ales Zemene ales at mur.at
Thu Apr 7 22:46:30 CEST 2005

i would need to explain few things about pdp_theonice~ :

1-pdp_cheby (inside of dpd_affine) : what is (was) it used for
2-what is packet regardind to pdp_scale
3-if pdp_xv is displaying video correctly, pdp_theonice~ is emmiting
videoframes, and everything else looks ok, but mplayer is just filling
cache and then exiting (but checked ok with other theora streams) where else can be problem ?
asking people on irc icecast has no sense.
4-is there somebody running *THIS* setup and streaming with theonice
where i could verify it, or see some streams ?

Ales Zemene
chat server: irc.kunstlabor.at, channel: #kunstlabor

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