[PD] IEMlib can't load library

Þúrstan thurstan666 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 11 20:51:21 CEST 2005

Hello guys and gals,

several objects in IEM lib do not work on my Pd. It seems that some of the
base objects do not exist.
For example: I can put [lp2~] in my window but the internal window lacks
connections because [filter~]
does not exist. There are more items that do not exist like [split] and
[prvu~] and probably a lot more as
well. It has probably got to do with the libraries that do not load.

I currently use Pd 0.37.0 with Iemlib 1.15. on Win2k. I copied the .dll
files to the right location but I did
not compile them because I do not have a compiler. Is this the cause of my
problems and how do I solve them?
Do I have to compile the files with the folder I use (which is G:\pd\ ) or
can I use somebody else's compiled
dll files?

Greetz ,Wilf

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