[PD] framesynced midi recorder/player

wolfgang schwarzenbrunner schwarz at gen-control.com
Tue Apr 12 13:48:42 CEST 2005


well... after not getting any replys i started to work around with qlist 
and had some nice results. now there are only two little questions:

1. will qlist dramatically decrease performance if i have about 40 of them 
getting values each 50ms? (well i know i could test this myself but it 
would be handy if someone would tell me befor building up a test-patch)

2. is there a way that [pix_write] gives a bang each time a frame is 
rendered in auto mode?


At 12:24 11.04.2005, you wrote:
>hi list...
>here is the question:
>since quiet a time i am working on project which simply generates bw lines 
>in dv resolution and higher. those lines are midi controlled from a logic 
>environment. now - as the stuff finally looks the way i want, i am looking 
>for a way to capture it. to get it on tape in dv res is an easy task to do 
>but the most parts of it only work out in higher resolutions (hd). if i 
>want to capture in resolutions like 1080 x 720 or even 1920 x 1080 i need 
>to use pix_write -- and this -- off course -- is not working in realtime.
>i thought of a little workaround which could work out:
>in a first run i run the stuff without any video capturing. only the midi 
>data should be captured to a kind of timeline which is rasterized to 25 
>fps. in a second run the captured midi data is played back by a player 
>which goes 1 frame forward each time pix write has finished rendering 1 
>frame. i think this would be a possibility for a nice off-line rendering 
>system. somehow... did anyone ever tried to build a system like this? does 
>anybody have a tip or a glue how to do?
>i think a thing like that might be useful for a lot of users anyway.
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