[PD] pdp2gem.pd_darwin?

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Tue Apr 12 15:11:29 CEST 2005

On Apr 12, 2005, at 8:31 AM, Patrick Pagano wrote:

> cool
> but i get a wacky
> PDP: pure data packet
> PDP: version 0.12.1
> PiDiP : additional video processing objects for PDP : version 0.12.13  
> ( ydegoyon at free.fr )
> dyld: /Users/patrickp/pd/bin/pd Undefined symbols:
> __ZN11imageStruct5clearEv
> __ZN11imageStruct8fromYV12EPs
> __ZN12GemException6reportEv
> __ZN7GemBase11setModifiedEv
> __ZN7GemBase17obj_setupCallbackEP6_class
> __ZN7GemBase17realStopRenderingEv
> __ZN7GemBaseC2Ev
> __ZN7GemBaseD2Ev
> __ZN9CPPExtern10m_holdnameE
> __ZN9CPPExtern8m_holderE
> __ZnwmPvS_
> _pdp_packet_copy_ro_or_drop
> _pdp_packet_data
> _pdp_packet_header
> _pdp_packet_mark_unused
> pd_gui: pd process exited

...oh yeah, something I forgot to mention:  you must use the s_loader.c  
patch that I've been talking about for the last few months...it is  
available from:


...this is an osx-only patch for pd...it should also be noted that it  
seems to require some libraries to be compiled as -two_level_namespace  
instead of -flat_namespace:  so far, I've had to change this in the  
makefile to miXed, and recently it seems as tho zexy 2.0 and iemlib are  
going to need the same treatment (something to do with  
wrap_setup?)...more on that later...

...further, I'm using pdp 0.12.4, pidip -0.12.17, and the latest gem  
cvs (hmm, seems like I just found a channel switched bug in the  
conversion to rgb)...


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